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Pink Plaid Dog Bandana

Pink Plaid Dog Bandana

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High quality, reversible slide over the collar cotton dog bandana. Each bandana features high quality cotton fabric pattern.ย 

Each bandana is individually hand made for a unique and beautiful look for your well-dressed fur baby. Bandanas slide easily over your dogs, cats, or other pets collar.

***Suggested Bandana Sizes*** โ€“ As all dogs come in different shapes and sizes, please measure your dog and their collar for a proper fit.

Medium Dogs with 12โ€ โ€“ 14โ€ Collars

Medium 10โ€ Wide Top to Point 7 ยฝโ€

Large Dogs with 16โ€ โ€“ 18โ€ Collars

Large 12โ€ Wide Top to Point 11 ยฝโ€

All bandanas are individually hand made; sizes and measurements are approximate, sizes and patterns may vary slightly from photo and description.

***Handmade in the USA***

***Machine Washable cold water- recommended lay flat to dry***

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